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Building a more resilient community

Our projects are supporting people in times of difficulty, enabling families to stay together, and enabling people access to basic needs in times of crisis.

Providing support for people in times of difficulty so that we have a more resilient community

With high levels of local poverty, many residents in target areas; face issues including housing problems, debt, food poverty, and unemployment.

Others struggle to cope with issues at home such as family breakdown, domestic violence, bereavement or long-term illness.

We aim to build a more resilient community:

  • By providing emergency food to those in need because significant numbers of people are living in crisis poverty situations. Our team provides emergency support for people who genuinely cannot afford to feed themselves and their dependent children.
  • By establishing regular community advice surgeries because people need to know how they can access poverty response services available to them.
  • By providing poverty response services because where a need has been identified, we will do what we can with the available resources to meet that need. Many local families are at risk of hunger and require support to thrive and grow strong despite their disadvantages. They need greater access to healthy food, exercise, educational support, recreational activities, and equipment.
  • By developing responses for people with very high barriers to employment – many need help to overcome their housing problems and also address the other issues that hold them back. For instance: debt, addiction, poor health, isolation, and unemployment.
  • By developing responses to support homeless people into accommodation  there is a need of support services that help people move forward out of a crisis, increase their resilience  and successfully transition into their new  life away from the streets or inhumane living conditions
  • By working in partnership with the State and others to promote child safeguarding
  • Our team help with things like benefit applications, liaising with social services, negotiating affordable debt repayment plans and helping people to access local support services that meet their needs.

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