Tek Ura is a local charity.
All donations directly benefit people in Tirana, so help us to give to people others find difficult to reach.

Albanian Supporters can give:

Cash (at our centre in Kafja e Rremes)


Bank transfer:

  • Rr. Murat Toptani, ‘Eurocol Business Center’, Tirane,
  • IBAN: AL41207110320000030300213007

Help us to help others

  • €12 a month to hire a local sports pitch and run our inclusion programs
    e.g. ’Ambassadors with Trainers’ club - bringing children from different backgrounds together, and breaking down discrimination
  • €29 a month to expand our education programme -e.g.Albanian literacy lessons, preschool and parenting programs
  • €37 a month to develop 2 new faith community cells and train local pioneer leaders
  • €45 a month to develop responses to poverty crisis e.g. providing lamps, heaters, medicines, school books, and our foodbank
  • €58 a month to develop our physiotherapy and health services helping more people who cannot afford to pay