Physiotherapy Tek Ura

Physiotherapy Tek Ura

May, 2019

Xhina and Annie run the physiotherapy clinic at Tek Ura, both are registered physiotherapists here in Albania.

Each week we work with people with long term conditions and also those diagnosed with acute problems. Last week was an exciting week as we had three new patients with really varied problems.

One of the great things about working as a physiotherapist at Tek Ura is that we see people with all different problems.

The only criteria are that the person is unable to pay for treatment, unable to access therapy from somewhere else and lives in our local area.

This week we started with a child with a problem with walking due to surgery when she was a baby. For us, it’s great working with children as we’re able to combine play into our assessment and treatment as we assess the child’s problems and come up with a treatment plan.

We then moved onto an older man who we had seen walking along the road outside our centre. We invited him to our drop in clinic and then arranged an assessment. He was walking badly due to using a broken stick and health problems. We undertake a specialist assessment for older people and were able to provide him with better equipment and advice in terms of other health problems. He’ll then receive follow up therapy with us.

Our last new patient of the day was a child with a chronic long-term neurological problem, meaning that he is a wheelchair user. Our therapy approach here is to support the carers and the child to know how to manage the condition, to enable fullness of life in all that they do.

How exciting! Each week we have new patients that we can work with to help them to see changes in their lives. Our physiotherapy clinics run every week and we have many long-term patients. We love the relationships we have built up with people and we can celebrate the improvements in their function together, whether that be a child learning how to stand up on their own or an adult having an improvement in their back pain. An important part of our work is to help people to understand their condition so that they feel in control and are able to manage it themselves with support from us.

If you’d like to know more about the physiotherapy clinics at Tek Ura, please contact us. We’re excited about the transformation we can see in people’s lives.

If you’re inspired and excited by this story and the work of Tek Ura then please contact us to discover how you can be involved. We look forward to more fundraisers as we try to raise money and the profile of Tek Ura.

You can email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

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