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In 2014… We arrived in Albania and were shocked by the poverty - children living on landfill sites.  Excluded people, without access to the basics we all take for granted, such as decent health care, jobs, education, food and a safe place to live. A divided community where such was the division and mistrust that neighbours refused to share a room with one another.

2016… Our response was to establish an Albanian charity with the aim of empowering local people to bring about a flourishing community closer to God’s heart. So in January 2016 ‘Tek Ura’ was born, which simply means ‘at the bridge’.

2018…Tek Ura has welcomed huge numbers of people to our projects and activities that celebrate life, empower and include people of all backgrounds. To receive therapy in our clinic, a chance of an education from our teachers, to be heard at our forums.  Incredibly, those who were once divided are now serving one another, worshipping God together.

2019… We can see so many reasons to be cheerful over the last couple of years, real signs of God transforming lives. In order to expand our work and transform more lives in Tirana, we need you!

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