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Promoting community integration

Our projects are building bridges between different groups in our community and breaking down the causes of division.

We are connecting people, reducing social isolation and promoting a more integrated community

  • By providing activities and events that promote social engagement and ‘bridge building’ – breaking down deep rooted social divisions, and rebuilding trust in the community.
  • By providing educational courses and workshops – because one of the barrier to integration is unemployment
  • By establishing 1-2-1 support and advocacy services – because local people’s voices aren’t being heard and they are in need of guidance in connecting with available services
  • By providing opportunities for respite, retreat and refreshment to build informal support and care networks  - because ‘carers’ are a particular group at a high risk of social isolation and burnout, and have few respite opportunities.
  • By providing health and social care interventions that promote inclusion for people that would otherwise be inactive and/or excluded – because children with disabilities and older people are at high risk of discrimination and need support to integrate and have greater interdependence.
  • By offering special assessment and care planning, and working together with communities to develop needs-led responses to poverty
  • By arranging special events to celebrate community life – because festivals and celebrations are at the heart of community life and it’s narrative

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