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Promoting a healthier community

Our projects are supporting people to be physically active, so that we have a healthier community.

To support people to be physically active, so that we have a healthier community

There is evidence of high levels of unhealthy physical activity and/or physical inactivity, childhood obesity and diet-related disease. Certain groups are excluded, experience extreme difficultly in accessing state services or are simply unaware of what is available to them.  So, Tek Ura provides access to a variety of inclusive sports activities and health services to help more local people get active and become healthier. Where possible, this is done in partnership with other organizations in the public, private and charitable sector.

We are committed to these aims:

  • By providing sports activities to encourage healthier lifestyles, and develop new skills and grow confidence,
    because the majority of our community cannot afford to access opportunities due to poverty.
  • By establishing a community therapy and rehab service for those who would normally be excluded,
    because there are often no affordable/ suitable therapy services available to our community.
  • By providing health educational and support services to address some of the root causes of ill health,
    because many local people are unaware of basic health information to be able to make informed choices, and are unaware of services already available to them.
  • By providing health equipment and training in its use, to enable independent living
    because many people with disabilities cannot access rehab equipment (or use it inappropriately) and consequently are socially excluded
  • By developing responses to support people with very high barriers to community involvement due to disability and/or complex needs,
    because without intervention they would remain house-bound and risk losing independence.

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