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Promoting mental and spiritual wellbeing

Our projects provide opportunities for reflection and engagement in faith building activities that can deepen spirituality and improve mental health and wellbeing.

Providing opportunities for reflection and engagement in faith building activities that can deepen spirituality and improve mental health and wellbeing

Tek Ura is concerned with getting to the heart of what our reconciliation to God, to each other, and to our world, is all about.  The gospel is at Tek Ura’s core, our central focus – touching aspects of spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health.

We are committed to these aims:

  • By establishing a missional culture and an incarnational model (reproduction) of church;
    Because there are many people who are not connecting with inherited models of church, and new ways of communicating the gospel with clarity and authenticity are required in Tirana. See below.
  • By establishing groups (cells) that gather for spiritual conversations, understanding and application of Christian scripture, pray, share communion and deepen friendship and experience God’s presence.
    There is need for focus on community (conversion) rather than individuals (extractionism).
  • By building partnerships with local groups (including not-yet-Christians) already conducting activities with shared goals and values.
    We focus on finding and connecting with ‘people of peace’, and recognize a need for ‘inquiry groups’, spaces for Christians and non-Christians, because there is a need for those want to explore the gospel together to have a non-threatening and respectful environment.
  • By developing and empowering an indigenous Christian leadership and pioneers.
    Because we value partnerships/ team over a pastor/ lone ranger and recognize the importance of developing Albanian leaders and equipping emerging leaders and reproducers.
  • By developing an authentic presence and connection with the people of Kafja e Rremes (the host community) because we want to join in with what God is already doing.
    Moreover, because there is a need for not-yet-Christians to see that Jesus is ‘for’ Kafja e Rremes, that he has their best interests at heart, he is on their side, and is against anything that might cause them harm.
  • By encouraging charitable giving, participation and servitude.
    Focusing on the needs of the community (rather than needs of the church) because there is a need see ‘action’ as a sacrament, a lived-out faith expression
  • By embodying a creative proclamation of ‘shalom’ – including leading others in a concern for peace, justice, concern for the environment, and the prophetic.
    It is in the everyday that missional church exists, and there is a need for the community to recover its ability to see God in the ‘ordinary world of action’, and live out passionately, the things God is passionate about.
  • By developing community liturgies, an involvement in rights of passage, and the cyclical (re)telling of the seasonal Christian stories (including Easter and Christmas)
    Because there is an need to draw not-yet-Christians towards God by exciting curiosity through storytelling and celebration, by exploring how God has touched our lives, and focusing on Jesus.

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