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'Stay and Play – taught me to play with my child'

There is currently no charge for these activities but donations to cover the costs are gratefully received


Horizons 1

Wednesdays, 1 pm – 2:30 pm, at Tek Ura

Horizons 2

Fridays, 2pm – 3pm, at Tek Ura

This program is warm, fun learning opportunity for children wanting to learn English

Horizons 1 was established in partnership with Bajram Curri School and the Child Protection Unit to provide English tuition for vulnerable students attending local schools.

Horizons 2 is working with the same group of students but with an element of teaching English in a more experiential way through games etc.

Children are generally referred to the programme either by the Child Protection Unit for zone 4 or by Bajram Curri School.

However, if you are interested email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001.

Stay and Play

Mondays, 10:30 – 11:50 am,

at Tek Ura

Stay and Play is a program for parents / Carers of young children. The program aims to provide a safe learning environment where parent/carer can learn with their child. A variety of different learning experiences are applied ranging from learning through routine to the practical activity of playing games. The program is not designed as kopisht replacement but rather as a springboard into formal ed.

If you are interested email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

Adult Education 

Sessions are typically 1hr – 1hr 20 mins

Currently, sessions are on a Tuesday after 4 pm

In response to requests from members of the community, this program was established.

Its aim is to provide Albanian Literacy Skills to those members of the local community (Albanian first language) that have little if any literacy skill.

Those currently attending the program have very limited education and are learning the basic rudiments of reading and writing.

If you are interested email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

Parenting Together 

Sessions typically last 1 hour

Currently, sessions are on a Friday morning at 10 am

Parenting Together essentially grew out of our Stay and Play program again in a response to a need expressed by those attending.

The objective of the program is to provide an interactive environment in which parents/carers learn from one another’s experiences (challenges and joys!) in parenting.

Particular themes were initially raised by those attending and this program forms the basis of conversations.

If you are interested in any of these services or want to know more about what we do to promote inclusive education

you can email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

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