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'Before Tek Ura we didn’t know each other, they brought us together'

There is currently no charge for these activities but donations to cover the costs are gratefully received.


Older persons social group 


at Tek Ura

A group of men and women over 50, meet together to play games, chat and share experiences. 

This is really important for this group who are sometimes isolated and alone.

The older persons social group is for anyone over 50, new friends are very welcome!


Faith Community - Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura

Church cell groups meet on Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays at ‘Tek Ura’ and other venues in Kafja e Rremes.

A radically inclusive community of people wanting to commit to following God, and helping one another to live our their values. 

We meet in small groups once a week, and as a larger gathering once a month. The ethos and culture of our groups are like ‘micro churches’. 

The word ‘family’ is often used to describe what FC means to our members.  

Anyone is welcome and there are different ways of belonging.

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Ambassadors with Trainers 

Mondays, 4-5pm

Fusha Arnoldi, Kafja e Rremes

Ambasadoret me Atlete is an inclusive group for 8-14 year olds and a safe place for children to play sport and develop respect and relationship with others in the community.

It is open to children living in the Kafja e Rremes and the surrounding areas.

Community Forums 

Fridays each month,

at venues in Kafja e Rremes

At our monthly community forum, people from the local neighbourhood come to discuss local issues, and encouraged and supported to create a plan of action together.

These activities provide people with opportunities to give their time and/or resources so that we can inspire local action and increase capacity to affect positive change.

This is open to anyone living in Kafja e Rremes.

If you are interested in any of these services or want to know more about what we do to promote inclusion

you can email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

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