Celebrating hope coming into the world

Celebrating hope coming into the world

December, 2018

In December, we celebrated hope coming into the world and dwelling amongst us. At Tek Ura, we've been celebrating waiting for this hope together. At ' faith community at the bridge' (Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura) it was a joy to share our first Advent as a church together. During our Christmas preparation, we had a 'DIY nativity', acting out the Christmas story as a whole community, finishing by praying outside together, around the manger, as we thanked Jesus for being the hope we have. A candle-light gathering on 24th was a special time for us to get together and usher–in Christmas – God pitching his flimsy shelter amongst us.

It has been wonderful to see so many celebrating within our groups. We celebrated at a local play centre with 20 from our carer support group and sensory therapy groups for children with complex disabilities and their carers. For many, this is the first time that they have ever been able to go out as a group to a café and play centre with the children due to issues with access, discrimination and a lack of support. Celebrating hope that comes through encountering Jesus in his love for the most marginalised has been very evident in these past few weeks.

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Tek Ura and Kafja e Rremes celebrate God pitching his tent with us