Ground breaking health promotion for men

Ground breaking health promotion for men

October, 2018

Our health team, Annie Dupree and Rexhina Uzuni, have been running health promotions in Kafja e Rremes for the last 3 years, helping people to understand the common causes and prevention of everyday health issues, and trying to influence the underlying causes of bad health.  Commonly, it has been women who have attended our programs in large numbers.

When it comes to prevention and early detection, men's health often takes a back seat to women's health. In order to start taking better care of their health, it is vitally important for men to understand their risk factors and how they can improve their overall health. 

The men in Kafja e Rremes do care about health issues but they often find it difficult to expresses their fears and seek to deal with it later in the course of a condition, and are less aware of the local services available to them. Our research shows that men’s reluctance means they often do not seek help until a medical condition has progressed and has serious consequences.

Between October and December, our health professionals ran a series of health promotions, many of which were specifically for men and provided a unique service in Tirana.

Tek Ura’s physiotherapist, Rexhina was extremely encouraged by the results,

 ’All of the men were able to identify aspects of the promotion they could put  into practice in their lives, and want to change their lifestyle’

Annie Dupree, the project lead, also suggested that this work is confronting locally held assumptions,

‘Sometimes there is a myth surrounding men's health, the greatest of which is that men do not care about their health. However, our promotions suggest that many men do worry about health, but feel unable to talk about their concerns or seek help until it is often too late.’

‘It was a pleasure to be able to run sessions in collaboration with other organisations like Qendra Po, ABC clinic, Qendra Shqiptare per popullsine dhe zhvillimin, Red Cross Albania, Teen Challenge’  says Rexhina.  ‘Our hope is that men will feel more able to access local health services and ask for help as a result of our sessions’.

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