January, 2020

Tek Ura is offering opportunities for children aged 8-12 years old to learn English, within a program called “Horizons”. Every Wednesday, for more than two years now, groups of different children have been participating and benefiting from the supportive learning environment we have worked to create. In Albania, there is an increasing need for children to receive additional English classes to supplement the lessons they are receiving in school and reach the high level of proficiency expected. Being proficient in English will increase their opportunities in searching for work in the future. 
We want to help children reach their maximum potential and feel confident in their English. Our hope is for them to grow up in wisdom and knowledge while we are a part of their long learning journey.   
In September following community interest in learning English we began a new morning program. Immediately eight children joined this program. They are both consistent and devoted children and it has been a great joy to see their progress in the last three months. Since these eight joined interest for the program has continued and we now have several children waiting to join the program in the new year. 
A group of slightly older children to started to form that were interested in learning English. Due to their age there attending school in the morning and were therefore available in the afternoon. So Horizons 2 started! Wednesdays are now busy days for the Education team with eight children arriving at 9:30 for their morning class and then six other children rush into the centre at 2:00pm for their time. 
The Horizons 2 is a diverse group with a wide range in ability. Whilst they all come from the surrounding neighborhood they tend to be travelling slightly further for the sessions and unlike Horizons 1 the group come from different schools. 
Last week in Horizons 2 we had some reading time with one of the boys. Not only did he try to read fluently but translated some passages from the book. We witnessed a time of happiness and progress in which this boy grew in confidence and self-esteem. 
It continues to be a privilege to get to teach the local children and in doing so get to know parents that we would not otherwise have the opportunity to know. 

Tek Ura offers opportunities for children aged 8-12 years old to learn English