One more pair of eyes, one more pair of hands, ears and feet - Easter 2019

One more pair of eyes, one more pair of hands, ears and feet - Easter 2019

May, 2019

Easter Sunday is always a time to rejoice as we remember the resurrection and the new life made possible because of Jesus. This year, at our church ‘Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura’, we had a baptism as part of our celebrations.

Gesi (a pseudonym) has been coming to the men's cell group for a couple of years now and came to us a few months ago to share how he wanted to declare to everyone his desire to follow Jesus. He is a refugee from Kosovo who has been living in Tirana since the Kosovan war. He, like many in our community, has witnessed a torrent of human suffering. Gesi has reflected on a time when he experienced an eruption into his life of a deep sense of meaninglessness, triggered by disaster, death and loss. But in recent years, Gesi has become a key member of our men's cell, sharing, questioning and growing with the group. Through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, God has become real to Gesi, and he's heard a call on his life. It was a privilege for us to fill the pool, and baptize him as part of our Easter Sunday celebrations! 

Our church is radically inclusive. Many people who have previously felt they couldn’t be part of church have found their place with us, and have felt a sense of belonging. Dan, our church leader, remarked ‘ It’s such a joy to baptise, and see people starting to believe that God loves them and the God loves Kafja e Rremes. Gesi is here because he has been touched by the love of God, that is impacting us all here, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, he has discovered new life in Jesus.’

After the baptism we shared an Easter breakfast together, and shared these words with Gesi:

Now Jesus has one more pair of eyes to see with, one more pair of hands to work through, one more pair of ears to listen, and one more pair of feet to walk to the stranger’s house.

Easter Sunday, was a great day.

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