Parenting Together

Parenting Together

February, 2020

This vibrant group of parents and carers meets every other week, either at Tek Ura’s centre or at a local bar café. As the group’s name suggests discussions focus around different aspects of parenting. Topics that have been covered range from discussing hopes and dreams for our children to the challenges of parenting and how to work through these. We are careful as a group to ensure that no one sets themselves up as the ‘expert’ parent as we acknowledge that we can do better. Over the past 2 years new group members have come and gone, but gradually a core group has formed and with this has come deeper sense of trust. The group is now a place where people are comfortable in being vulnerable to share life and know that whilst others may have different opinions, they can still share. 

Whilst there is a structure to the program with a set of objectives discussions once initiated go in the direction the group chooses. There is often lot of laughter, sometimes some raised voices but most of all there is a sense of togetherness.  

One activity that the group has shown interest in is cooking, so during one of the sessions the group delved into a baking activity in which they made coconut chocolate delights! This activity and discussion that went along with it was so successful the group are beginning to look for new recipes that we can use. As we plan future sessions with the group we will stick with the theme of food and talk about healthy eating, both for our children and for ourselves. We are also looking to invite state representatives to talk about financial aid and build on the bank of information we have on preschool prevision. 

Parenting Together