Responding to food poverty and helping people in crisis

Responding to food poverty and helping people in crisis

July, 2019

Since Tek Ura was established over three years ago we have been responding to the extreme poverty experienced by significant number of people in the community. People living without running water, without electricity and without adequate food. Tek Ura has responded through a variety of relief and development projects, partnering with community members and with other local NGO’s with the intention of building a more resilient community.

Tek Ura’s Foodbank is one of these projects. It has been operating for over three years now, providing food parcels to targeted families in the community. Each parcel contains at least nine different items from staples such as pasta, rice and oil to washing powder and soap.

When a request for food is made the family is encouraged to attend one of our drop-in sessions during which they will meet with a staff member to complete eligibility forms and share more generally about their situation. If the family is considered eligible, they will typically then enter into a three-month contract during which they will receive food on a bi-weekly basis. As more families join Tek Ura’s eligibility lists, cases are prioritised and food given accordingly.

As this program has become more established Tek Ura has enjoyed partnering with local shops, who now source products to match our requirements and also pack the parcels into reusable bags.

The food provided through the foodbank has proved invaluable to the neediest, not only providing them with food for a couple of meals a week, but also enabling families to save a little money for more food, or to pay bills. 

Looking ahead we hope to develop further partnerships with other NGO’s working in this sector and work towards more tailored food parcels to better benefit families.

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by Mat Gregory