Sensorial therapy

Sensorial therapy

June, 2019

For two years, our center is offering a unique service in Albania. Sensory therapy, more specifically the TacPac method, is not known to therapists, parents, and is also unknown to children who come to our center. We were very excited when we started out as a service, and also with the help and online training from Hilary, Tacpac's creator, we can now fully say that it has resulted in a successful therapy that parents and children enjoy a lot.

The sensory therapy we use combines touch and music through social interaction. This therapy is appropriate for children with disabilities, being accompanied by parents because they play an active role during therapy.

Through music and various objects, children have the opportunity to explore the world of senses. Tacpac method helps children with sensory difficulties, delayed development, learning difficulties, and limitations in verbal communication.

The session is structured in sets and the whole therapy takes place in a safe environment and in the absence of other sensory interventions.

Currently, two groups of children are part of sensory therapy and receive this service every week. Children are very excited when they come to the center, the mothers from the first group say that whenever their children head to Tek Ura for this therapy, they are excited and they are looking forward to coming.

In the first sessions, the second group of sensory therapy found it very difficult to adapt and fully engage in therapy but we have noticed that a kind of stability and a close relationship between mothers and children has recently been created.

Some thoughts from mothers whose children participate in this program:

  • My child did not tolerate the touch and was aggressive when I tried to touch her. Although it was difficult and tiring at the beginning of the therapy to communicate with my child and to enable her to benefit from this therapy, now I feel more confident and supportive. (E.B)
  • My child really enjoys when he comes here. Every object and music bring a lot of joy to him and he just keeps smiling. We have some items that we do not like but over time we will try to enjoy them as well. (R.B)
  • My child, after 3 months of therapy, is now able to perform a full sensory therapy session by herself. From the very beginning she has been very engaged and I am glad that this therapy has helped her even with the learning process and memory. (A. RR)

We always try to observe the reactions and changes that children have after each session of therapy and we can say that we are very happy to see how much they have benefited. We are very proud that we have contributed to the lives of these children and their families.

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