Supporting the most marginalised

Supporting the most marginalised

June, 2019

At Tek Ura we want to support the most marginalised in society, to understand the problems facing them, to listen and then to work together to find solutions.

But, what does this look like? How do we do this in practice?  

This process starts from when people first come into our centre, through our drop in clinic. Drop in is a service where people are able to meet with our social worker, Ina. At this time Ina is able to spend designated time with them, actively listening and undertaking an initial assessment. From this we are able to work together to think about how at Tek Ura we can address the needs that have been identified through the assessment.

Many times the assessment may identify that the person requires referral to some of our other services, for example they have a health need like the need to be referred for physiotherapy in our physiotherapy clinic.

At others, Ina may share with them about other services like our older social group, or for others, our kids groups.

However, another important part of Ina’s role in drop in is to consider how we can advocate with the person and help them to find other solutions. This may be that we tell them about other organisations that they don’t know about and help to link them up with legal services. Ina also often shares with them about state services in case they are not aware. We have also worked to create a link with the employment office as many people are requiring employment but are unsure about where to go to support that they need.

We want to be an organisation that seeks to fully understand the needs facing marginalised people in our area. We believe that through listening and finding solutions together, we go some way to caring and providing support. Our desire is not to be an organisation that tells people what to do, rather to be one that is interested in people, finding solutions through advocacy and practical responses.  

We’re excited about getting to know people, supporting them and helping them engage with community. If you’d like to know more, please contact us!

If you’re inspired and excited by this story and the work of Tek Ura then please contact us to discover how you can be involved. We look forward to more fundraisers as we try to raise money and the profile of Tek Ura.

You can email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

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At Tek Ura we want to support the most marginalised in society