Tablet for kids during COVID-19 lockdown

Tablet for kids during COVID-19 lockdown

September, 2020

When Albania was put in a lockdown, one of the areas that was hugely impacted was: students and education. As schools immediately closed, there was a need for connection between children, schools or families. Within our community here in Kafja e Rremes, there are many families that couldn’t support having to buy a smart phone or any other device that would help children to continue with school lessons on an online platform and to stay connected with the world around them. 

Our desire was to help children by providing digital devices and connect with online schooling. We are beyond thankful to everyone who responded to our appeal to help children during this pandemic. Wonderful donations meant that we were able to support 30 families and witness change and joy. 

“Thank you for providing us with a tablet. Before it was very frustrating to connect with the teacher and stay engaged with school through a simple phone with buttons.”z

“It is very good to have the possibility to talk with my friends. It’s very difficult to just stay home and not be able to go out.”

“I am very happy that my child can continue lessons.”

When Albania was put in a lockdown...