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'Without this therapy, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to work'

There is currently no charge for these activities but donations to cover the costs are gratefully received.

Health drop-in

Thursday mornings

at Tek Ura

At health drop in there is an opportunity to meet and speak with our qualified health professional and social worker.

They are able to provide you with information about health services that we run at Tek Ura.

Our staff will also support you in understanding how to access other health services in Tirana.

Anyone is welcome to attend health Drop in and it is the primary way new people can find out more about Tek Ura.

Parents can attend with children if needed and it is a welcoming space and time for all.

Community physiotherapy 

Monday to Friday

at Tek Ura

We run physiotherapy clinics for adults and children with both acute and long term conditions.

We carry out a full physiotherapy assessment and create a personalised programme dependent upon the problems identified and the goals to be reached. 

Community physiotherapy is open for anyone who has an acute or long term physiotherapy problem and is unable to pay or access physiotherapy elsewhere.

We carry out a financial assessment prior to starting therapy. We see both adults and children and have specialty with neurological problems.

Sensory therapy 


at Tek Ura

This therapy is available for children with complex disabilities.

We work with children with autism, cerebral palsy and developmental delay and other children who we feel would benefit from this programme.

The children benefit from sensory therapy to music and the opportunity to learn with other children

Sensory therapy is open to children with complex disabilities.

They attend with their parents and will have an assessment with our physiotherapist prior to acceptance within the programme.

Carer support group 

at Tek Ura

A group of carers, wanting to meet together and support each other through the experiences of caring for a loved one.

We eat together, laugh together and sometimes cry about daily life was a carer in Tirana.

We also share opportunities to improve life for each other and our families.

Carer support group is for anyone who cares for a family member with a long term disability.

If possible, members are encouraged to come without the person they care for to give an opportunity for some respite. 

However, we understand that this is not always possible and if so, children are welcome.

Be active

Tuesday mornings,

at Tek Ura

At Be Active there is an opportunity for older people and adults with disabilities to be part of a group exercise programme.

This is led by our qualified physiotherapist who will guide you through exercises that are appropriate for your ability.

There is an opportunity to chat and share experiences with others within this group.

Be active is for anyone over 50 or for adults with a disability, following an assessment with our physiotherapist. 

If you are interested in any of these services or want to know more about what we do to promote inclusive health services

you can email info@tekura.org or call 069 7074001

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