We are an Albanian ‘Centre’ based in Kafja e Rremes on the edge of Tirana, Albania. Tek Ura can best be described as having 3 parts:

A Christian faith community - Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura

A Community center - a meeting place for the people of Kafja e Rremes

A development agency providing services - in health, education, social welfare,

and relief – to people living in Municipality 4 (Tirana) and the surrounding area.

Partnerships and development

‘Working together to transform lives in our community’

We are non- party political, and seek to build partnerships that transcend differences and diversity, to tackle inequalities and improve the community for all.  To this end, Tek Ura believes in working TOGETHER to change lives and transform our community. Partnership is core to our ethos and since forming in 2016,  we have developed strong relationships with partner organisations from a variety of sectors including community groups, NGOs, sports clubs, statutory service providers, private businesses, health care organisations, and faith-based groups.

Although Tek Ura seeks to work hard to generate our own income through initiatives, we would not be able to offer such a broad range of services without the generosity of our funders. We are extremely grateful for their financial support.


Komuniteti I Besimit Tek Ura is a vibrant community of people, and together, we want to embrace and express new ways of following Jesus. We are people of hope who want to make a difference in Tirana, and the world around us.

Inclusion and diversity

Some of us are able to give back in acts of radical generosity. Many of us came to Tek Ura through times of hardship and unrest, but all of us are welcome in a community that seeks to serve each other, celebrating the insight that comes from our diversity.

Komuniteti i Besimit Tek Ura is comprised of community groups that meet to pray, eat, talk and work out how best to live out our values.

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