About Tek Ura

Tek Ura is 3 interconnected parts – a vibrant faith community, a community center and a development charity.

Flourishing Church

‘Jesus is my everything’ (Stiljana, May 2018)

Before Tek Ura, there wasn’t a church in Kafja e Rremes. Now there is now a vibrant new Albanian church growing, called ‘Komuniteti I Besimit Tek Ura

‘It was a joy to baptize our first believer this May. A woman whose journey to faith took her from the very depths of despair, living from the bins to a joyous declaration that ‘Jesus is my everything’.

Her remarkable story has been one of transformation through forgiveness, of those who mistreated her as a young woman, and of the people who once regarded her as a figure of shame.’

Community Groups

Belonging to Tek Ura and Komuniteti i Besimit

Community Centre

‘Coming to Tek Ura is like home from home’ (Ela, Carers’ Group, 2018)

Before Tek Ura, there wasn’t a safe public space for the community to gather and socialize. Over the last 12 months, our center in Kafja e Rremes is increasingly being considered a community center (a bridging point for the community of Kafja e Rremes)

‘In 2016 there were deep divisions in the community with different factions not willing to share the same room. Since then we have been working hard to break down social barriers. Today our center in Kafja e Rremes is likened to a community hub, a meeting place…be it as part of carers groups, or socially for activities, to our drop-in for welfare rights advice, or simply come in for a drink and a chat.’

Development Charity

Tek Ura is a  registered Albanian charity, a growing development agency, working with a range of partners and individuals.

‘From a handful of education, health, welfare and relief pilots in 2016, our  activities have grown into programs reaching people in poverty’  

‘We‘ve undertaken regular research that informs our development, and enables us to understand trends and target our services to the needs of the most vulnerable. We’ve also formed a partnership at various levels with local churches, businesses, other charities, and state services. This includes  a unique relationship with a local school.  This means we’re able to provide educational opportunities to Romani and Egyptian children in their State school.’