Our vision and values

Our vision

‘a flourishing community for all – where people feel valued, interconnected and are active participants’

Our key values


Everyone is a valuable member of our community and we are shaped to care for and support each other, celebrating diversity, challenging prejudice, breaking down barriers, building bridges and widening horizons.


Our role is to work WITH others, focusing on discovery and development of gifts, and encouraging individuals to excel in their area of gifting, to reach their potential and consequently benefit the whole community. We don’t seek to do things for people that they can do for themselves, or impose or own views and agendas on others.  We support people to overcome barriers, which prevent them from fulfilling their potential – and build more resilience both individually and collectively.


We seek to affirm the goodness and beauty we see in individuals and creation. We encourage an attitude of thankfulness and celebration – even in the midst of life’s disappointments and challenges.

Our objectives:

In order to work towards our vision and mission, the following strategic objectives will underpin our work:

  1. Connecting people, reducing social isolation and promoting a more integrated community
  2. Providing support for people in times of difficulty so that we have a more resilient community
  3. Providing opportunities for reflection and engagement in faith-building activities that can deepen spirituality and improve mental health and wellbeing
  4. To support people to be physically active, so that we have a healthier community
  5. To provide opportunities for learning and training, so that we have a more knowledgeable and skilled community
  6. To provide people with opportunities to give their time and/or resources so that we can inspire local action and increase capacity to affect positive change.
Those who work at Tek Ura also commit to the of our faith community:
We value Jesus at the center of all decisions we each make.
We value building a community for all, building a community  for all, loving Kafja e Rremes and loving others.

Our Community Groups