Members and friends of Tek Ura and Komuniteti i Besimit

Ways to belong

Relationships are important to everyone involved at Tek Ura.  At the core of who we are in a desire to build a closer connection with Jesus, one another and Tirana.

The terms ‘members’ and ‘friends’ are simple terms to express different kinds of commitment.  Deep down we are about living out the Tek Ura  values together whether you decide to do these other things or not.

In becoming a member of our faith community – Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura

  • As a member, you promise to serve and be served by the faith community.
  • You don’t commit to Tek Ura as an institution or NGO but rather to the other people in Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura;
  • To live out the values and journey together into the year ahead.
  • Everyone gets involved in decision making in Komuniteti i Besimit and when it’s a really big decision like appointing a leader, then after everyone has been consulted the members will vote to make a final decision on behalf of all.
  • This promise manifests differently for each person, and we are all guided by an understanding that our journey with God is a work in progress, and are committed to living life together as followers of Jesus.
Download the Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura member’s pledge

In becoming a friend of Tek Ura or Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura

In becoming a friend of Tek Ura, you express your belonging to our community in a less demanding way. Friends want to participate, support and cheer Tek Ura on as they can. As a friend you might be:

  • those beginning to explore faith and following Jesus as part of one of our groups, without wanting to commit to him or the community fully as yet – you are welcome;
  • or those who have a first commitment to another church but you want to express your support for the Tek Ura family – you are welcome
  • or just want to belong but don’t feel that membership is for you.

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